CAMSFS Mentoring Pastor Report #6

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Check the areas of ministry where you believe the applicant is prepared to serve:
Developing a personal vision for ministry
Developing leadership
Establishing a vision
Conducting a youth ministry service
Establishing community and ministerial relationships
Conducting a children’s ministry service
Establishing evangelism methods
Preparing and delivering sermons
Establishing church outreaches
Biblical Teaching on: Communion, water baptism, and footwashing
Church Planting
Planning a wedding and/or funeral
Planning and conducting services for special days
Planning and serving in special events, such as baby dedications and church dedications
Cross-cultural ministries
Conducting hospital ministry
Preparing for worship services
The process and referral for Counseling laity
Conducting Church Meetings
Ministering in crisis situations
Understanding a church budget
Conducting benevolence ministries
Knowing the role of the church treasurer and church trustees
Building church membership
Participating in discipleship through groups, like men’s ministry, women’s ministry, and small groups
Maintaining church facilities
Understanding the importance of recruiting, training, and maintaining church leaders and volunteers
Understanding legal, safety, and security issues
Discipleship throughBible studies, Sunday school or small groups
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