MIP Supervising Pastor Report #03 – November

This form must be fully completed by the last Friday in November. This form will be sent to your State/Regional Office and a copy will be sent to your email.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Did your give the candidate and the candidate's spouse a monthly assignment sheet?
Did you meet weekly with the candidate and the candidate's spouse?

Identify the topics and assignments you completed this month.

Teaching Topics

Pentecostal doctrines and gifts of the Spirit
Importance of prayer and other spiritual disciplines
How to plan and conduct a revival
Ministerial ethics
How to conduct special services, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter
How to conduct cross-cultural ministries
How to prepare and moderate worship services.
How to conduct Church and Pastor's Council Meetings
Demonstrate how to organize an office, plan the calendar, schedule appointments, handle phone calls, etc.

Examples of Coordinating Assignments

Record spiritual and ministry experiences in the "Daily Assignments" throughout the MIP calendar.
Plan and conduct a Thanksgiving service
Attend a cross-cultural ministries service and discuss how to minister to other cultures with the leader of the service.
Moderate a week-night service, such as a Wednesday night service.
Attend a Church and Pastor's Council meeting.


Inform the MIP coordinator if the candidate and/or candidate’s spouse have special issues that need to be addressed by the coordinator.

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